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CPCA Establishes Printed Electronics Branch
author: author: By Wei Chen [ 2010-04-12 19:26:39 ]

The market cap for the current emerging printed electronics industry will reach $300 billion in the next 20 years, which is almost double the silicon market nowadays, according to market research firm Caryl Holland.


In fact, the research of printed electronics has been expanded to display, electronic paper, thin film transistors, RFID, and so on. As it is adapted to flexible and fabric underlays, printed electronics has more considerable potential than silicon in terms of the field of application.


While the U.K., the United States, Japan and Korea have already invested billions in the R&D of printed electronics technology, China has just started. Therefore, to keep up with the technology and efforts in printed electronics R&D, the CPCA has established a Printed Electronics Branch to help organize people from the printed electronics industry-related universities, research institutes and companies to push forward creative and leading technology research within the industry.

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